The Power to Speak Naked

Speaking Naked - Get You Visible Publishing

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage and speaking to a primed and eager audience excited to receive your content? Or maybe you are like the millions of people around the world who are terrified to speak publicly. Either way, you have a story to tell and people need to hear it. Sean Tyler […]

Who You Choose To Be

Who You Choose To Be - Get You Visible Publishing

We all have choices in life in both the big and the little, and ultimately Who You CHOOSE to be matters, according to the author, Carrie Spratley. Carrie came to a place where she realized how much more impactful it was when she chose to steward everything that happened as a gift. Carrie wrote this […]

Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business - Get You Visible Publishing

Welcome to your ultimate high performance mindset manual. Twenty-one days to supercharge your success and amplify your best life. Think that’s a big promise? It is, and I make it because it’s not magic…it’s science. Transform your psychology…transform your business…transform your life!

You Are Not Smaller Than The Room

You Are Not Smaller Than The Room - Get You Visible Publishing

You are Not Smaller Than the Room is an exceptional look into the inner workings of a person’s confidence tracing its early formation from childhood all the way through adulthood experiences. You are Not Smaller Than the Room will take you through the psychological, envionmental and situational happenings that form who you are and shape […]

A Shopgirl’s Tale

A Shopgirls Tale  - Get You Visible Publishing

At 30 years old Erika Leib’s personal hardships have stalled her into a mundane life of safety and security. Not that she spends much time thinking about it like that. She’s underemployed at a job that probably should appreciate her more but that is hardly uncommon. She’s got a halfway decent, sort of relationship with […]

Putting the Pieces Together

Putting The Pieces Together - Get You Visible Publishing

Are you: * Wondering where to start on your journey to be a successful entrepreneur? * Struggling to get results with your startup business? * Overwhelmed with all the things you need to know about business? The first 5 years are the toughest to survive. You are learning the ropes and trying many different things […]

Dr. Stacey Cooper’s Healthy Fuels Cookbook

Healthy Fuels Cookbook - Get You Visible Publishing

This cookbook is wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free and DELICIOUS. Totally tasty recipes for healing your body with the foods you eat and recipes so quick and easy that they are teenager tested and teenager approved. Great recipes for swapping out your old standbys for new stand-ins and you still get to eat […]

A Year Of Inspiration

Life is busy and active and can become a giant pile of tasks and obligations with no end in sight. Overwhelm and stress can take over. Danielle Lynn, bestselling author on Amazon, has developed a layout within her spirited daily planner to help maintain organization and a schedule, provide regular inspiration and restore commitment to […]

Reno Rising

Reno Rising - Get You Visible Publishing

Tragedy. TRIUMPH. Adversity. OVERCOMING. Darkness. LIGHT. Defeat. VICTORY. These are the words that describe and epitomize a group of brave and fearless women whose stories comprise this highly inspirational and powerful book. Fourteen women based out of the city of Reno, Nevada, who experienced multiple challenges, obstacles, and hardships throughout their lives, but chose to do something about it–they chose […]

Follow It Thru: What’s Self Love

What's Love Got To Do With It - Get You Visible Publishing

What’s self-love got to do with it? The answer is–well, everything! The love and worth you have for yourself sets the foundation for the types of relationships you have. What you believe, is what will be achievable in your life. Your self-love and worth will help you to hold yourself accountable in your life, business, and […]