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Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|The Power of Innocence | Makayla and Mason Van der Kooij

Join host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill as she talks with Mason and Makayla Van der Kooij, young entrepreneurs, about self-esteem, responsibility, dedication, open-mindedness, and being community-oriented. She also shares about how age is not a barrier to accomplishing your goals.

Get to know Makayla and Mason Van der Kooij…

Makayla Van der Kooij is 7 years old and currently in grade 2. She started an egg business with her brother, Mason, in 2018. Makayla and Mason started out with just a few chickens. Makayla and Mason’s dad helped them build a chicken coop for 26 chickens. She and her brother incubated 6 eggs in January and 3 chicks hatched. They are now raising those chickens. They have to be responsible for their chickens every day by feeding and giving them water as well as collecting the eggs. Makayla says she is the marketer for the egg company. She calls my neighbors to see if they want eggs or asks her teacher.

Makalya loves working with the cows on her dairy farm. She also likes biking every day in the milking barn. Makayla does gymnastics every week and is very involved with her church. Makayla loves her cousins and her mom always said she was a strong girl, even in the womb.

Reach out to Makayla and Mason…

Business: The Golden Egg



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