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Stela Roznovan

Amped! with Dr. Erin | Business & Personal Development | Stela Roznovan

Stela Roznovan

Today Stela is joining Dr. Erin to discuss business and personal development including sales strategies, mental resilience and strategic planning.

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Stela was born and raised in a third world country, and her Eastern European upbringing had her convinced that hard work does not get rewarded. She witnessed her highly educated, hardworking mom barely get by as a pediatrician for 18 years. Hot water was a rarity for her, her mom made her clothes, and her food came from her grandparents’ farm. Grocery shopping and eating out was not affordable.

In 2006, Stela along with her mom and her sister, immigrated to the U.S., with a broken past, no clear future, and in search of one thing: opportunity.

Today, Stela feels blessed to have the ability to create her own vision and turn it into reality. She works hard, that’s a given, and doesn’t count the hours she works. What truly matters is seeing her vision come to reality day by day.

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