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Temesghen Starr

Amped! With Dr. Erin| Confidence| Temesghen Starr

Temesghen Starr

Temesghen Starr joins host Dr. Erin Oksol to talk about Confidence! Want to know more about how to recreate confidence after a downfall and how goal setting plays an important part in confidence? You won’t want to miss this episode!

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According to Temesghen Starr, he is the best father, believer, friend, and coach. Temesghen Starr is the best selling author of You are Not Smaller Than the Room, and believes that through confidence anything can be achieved.

Using this platform to coach others to the achievement of high performance is his mission through coaching sessions and motivation. Temesghen’s background in education, coaching, development, and sales have helped him to maximize and recreate himself over and over again.

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