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Heather Burgette

Amped! With Dr. Erin | Stay Open and Learning | Heather Burgette

In this episode with Dr. Erin, Heather Burgette talks about how when we decide we’re done growing, we lose sight of great joy and ultimately affect those around us. At a time in life when Heather could be settling into her routine of a stay-at-home mom of four and wife, she has found renewed excitement for learning through podcasts, webinars, and books.

It’s as though self-discovery is beginning all over again, for Heather, but this time with more wisdom and focus in the center.

The Debt Free Mama

Heather Burgette inspires and educates women to boss their dollars, everything from budgeting to saving and investing. Heather shares from her own journey into thousands of dollars in debt and back out of it. During the first five years of her marriage, she and her husband paid off $75,000 in debt.

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Heather has her Bachelor in Professional Writing and Master of Business Administration, both from Taylor University. Over the years, she’s traveled to the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. She grew up in northern Indiana as the oldest of 8 kids, which of course greatly shaped her in many ways. She now lives in Fort Wayne with her husband of nine and a half years and four kids, ages 7 years to 2 months old. She’s taught college courses as an adjunct faculty member for the past 10 years. Her happy places are cooking in a quiet kitchen and watching sunsets because both are peaceful, creative experiences.

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