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Katie Coombs

Amped! With Dr. Erin|Redefining Failure|Katie Coombs

Katie Coombs, public speaker, and entrepreneur talks with Dr. Erin about how you can have health issues and still keep on going, and how you can share these lessons with your children.

Get to Know Katie Coombs…

Katie Coombs has a wonderful range of 4 children (2 boys ages 23 and 3 ½, and 2 girls ages 20 and 16). While in the midst of being a busy mom, Katie found a passion for creating a conversation about managing the daily tasks and responsibilities associated with raising children in today’s diverse world.

Katie’s affinity to provide interesting advice, her personable nature, and her ability to captivate a wide audience with a sense of humor led to the founding of her business, Uncommon Sense. The full scope of Uncommon Sense incorporates a column in This Is Reno, a quarterly article in Bliss Life Magazine, and a conversation forum with her audience through her site.

Katie also speaks on a variety of topics to audiences from children to adults that include overcoming fear, paths to success, and understanding family dynamics of marriage and divorce.

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