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Cathy Ormon

Cathy, host of Sugar Talk and More, lives in Calgary – a third generation Calgarian.  She and her husband have 2 grown children and three energetic, young grandchildren. Cathy was a stay-at-home Mom, and is a retired square dance caller and dance instructor. After harnessing the power of nutrition and healthy lifestyle to successfully kick sugar and cravings, and recover from chronic health issues, Cathy traded retirement to become a Health Coach. Now she is passionate about empowering others to use the principles of nutrition and whole foods, to be healthy and live the life of their dreams!

She is a successful Certified Health Coach and Published Author on a mission to help others gain vibrant, energetic health and avoid common chronic health issues through living a healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about eliminating sugar and refined foods and replacing it with balanced nutrition and whole foods to control weight and cravings, increase energy and live a healthy, happy life free of chronic illness.

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Cathy’s book The Sugar Switch™ is a no-nonsense, simple blueprint to make sustainable lifestyle changes and stop the incredibly damaging effects of sugar and refined foods. By learning to use The Sugar Switch™, choosing whole foods and healthy lifestyle habits, we are able to live an amazingly energetic life, free of chronic illnesses. Health issues such as obesity, diabetes, inflammation, joint pain, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and more, can be totally avoided and/or reversed.