Get You Visible Podcast

Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews is a lifestyle strategist and publisher who is passionate about a lot of things — her children, entrepreneurship for women, weightloss, career, overcoming stress and helping others live healthier lives. Her expertise lays on helping others get out of being “stuck” at a particular point in their lives.

She has been a health care professional for 27 years with 7 years in healthcare management leading people through change, taught resiliency, and strategy implementation. In her coaching and publishing company, she has lead numerous people to overcome obstacles to help them follow through to the “IT” in their own life to live the stellar life. She aims to help women with the chaos and gaining control so they can have a more rhythmic life.

The Heather Andrews Show

Through the Heather Andrews Show she aims to build a community where everyone can connect and collaborate with each other that helps change the knowledge of people, one person at a time. It is a community that is based off of love and the unyielding passion for empowerment, confidence, respect for self, understanding your impact on other people and most importantly your very own children. 

“Our choices today do affect other people — our kids, our relationship, generation impact.  As a mom you are a pillar in your kids life … what you teach them today, it filters down to future generations …”