Get You Visible Podcast

Linda Crawford

Linda Crawford, host of The Heart of It All, is a Self-Care Artistry Transformational Coach with many years as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Life Coach, Healer, Dancer, Instructor and Speaker.  She empowers women to “Step Into Their Greatness” the moment they say YES to themselves around Self-Care has always felt like a calling. Inspiring women in their “mid-life” years ready to Step out from behind the curtain and live their lives front and centre with a little help and support.

Whether managing a household of children, navigating major life transitions such as a divorce, career, a move or your own business – committing to Self-Care Artistry becomes your calling.

Helping you live an ecstatic life by facilitating powerful Solution based coaching(on-line, Skype and in person), retreats, a Radio Show and workshops all designed to meet you where you are, find out what you need and provide outlets so your life feels aligned with your highest values as a Self-Care Artist.

Her deepest passion lies in working with women in a fun, spirited and transformative process to awaken the fire of body, mind and spirit.