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Donna Eriksson

The Heather Andrews Show |The Beauty of Business | Donna Eriksson

Donna Eriksson In this episode, Donna Eriksson, innovative mentor, and skin care specialist, joins Heather Andrews to talk about the beauty of business and to share how she has been a driving force in the local beauty industry for over thirty years. Donna shares with Heather about what sets her apart from the rest of the skin care specialists, and what keeps her going after 30 years in the field of skin care. Get to Know Donna Eriksson… Donna is beloved by her clients, valued by her students, and respected by her peers, this premiere esthetician stands for excellence, integrity and superlative customer service. For Donna, success didn’t happen overnight. Donna’s road was long, with few opportunities to seek guidance, particularly in the practical side of running a business. Thus, her latest venture, to provide both technical training as well as business skills and strategies came into being. Recognizing the[…]

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Paulette Bergounous

The Heather Andrews Show |Successfully Optimized Single-handedness| Paulette Bergounous

Paulette Bergounous In this episode, Paulette Bergounous author, consultant, and speaker joins Heather Andrews to talk about Successfully Optimized Singlehandedness (SOS). According to Paulette, six million people break a bone every year. This number does not cover all the hand or arm surgeries. Most everyone at some point will lose the function of an arm or hand, so it is a timely topic for those in need. Paulette talks about the life experiences that have led to her starting her own business, and what she learned from those experiences. Her own personal experience and expertise will be of value to those who are living singlehandedly. Get to Know Paulette Bergounous… Paulette Bergounous holds a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders. She worked in that field for over 40 years. Her years of experience have given her the skills to be goal driven and attain results. Paulette understands the impact of personal[…]

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Heather Andrews

The Heather Andrews Show | Michelle Aris

Michelle Aris Michelle Aris, landscape guru designer, is an expert in plant ID and uses her artistic abilities to create a beautiful flow in the gardens she works on. Michelle joins Heather discuss how you can increase your personal property and wellness value with proper landscape design. Get to Know Michelle Aris… Over the past 13 years, Michelle has helped hundreds of families create their own dream yards with her beautiful designs. She enjoys creating living art with what she calls “painting with plants”. It is her desire to create a legacy of love for the environment. Michelle is a passionate public speaker often giving talks to large crowds about aeroponic gardening and plant design. After completing the plant bed restoration design in 2016 for the Calgary Golf and Country Club, one of Canada’s most exclusive golf courses, Michelle was asked to speak at the AGSA conference in Canmore Alberta. When[…]

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The Heather Andrews Show | Benjamin Rosenthal

Benjamin Rosenthal Ben is an independent trader/investor who writes a blog to promote financial literacy. Before that, he worked in the United States as a financial advisor, holding both investment advisory and life and health insurance licenses. He set up contingency plans for families in case the breadwinner dies or becomes unable to work. He helped those in debt find paths to work their way out. But his specialty was retirement planning. He established retirement plans for businesses and nonprofits. He showed people a low-cost way to receive simple yet advanced (hedge fund-level) advice on what to select in their employer-sponsored plans. And he crafted sophisticated, tailor-made strategies for clients to transition into retirement and stay retired. Ben is also a passionate advocate of finding and living one’s purpose in life while also being of service to others, and he’s started “Share Your Passion,” a meetup group for like-minded individuals.[…]

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Shauna Marie MacDonald - Ep 26 - The Heather Andrews Show from Tenacious Living Network - Blog Cover

The Heather Andrews Show | Shauna Marie MacDonald

Shauna Marie MacDonald Shauna Marie MacDonald joins Heather Andrews to discuss how to find the one good thing in diversity. Join them and learn how: How do we find something good in cancer? Feeling lost and alone after cancer treatments end. Best place to start to find ease when fear and overwhelm prevail Learn more about Shauna A native Canadian, Shauna currently resides in Calgary, Canada near her eldest daughter, grandchildren and friends. Yearly trips to visit her two younger daughters and grandchildren in St.Louis USA and Barcelona, Spain enables Shauna to connect with family and indulge her passion for travel. Shauna walked the 800 km through France and Spain along the Camino de Santiago Trial. A forty day pilgrimage where she connected to others through the wisdom of gratitude. Thrive Beyond Cancer, stems from the loss of Shauna’s ex-husband, Ron from cancer. During the final days of his life,[…]

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Stacey Latimer Cooper - Ep 25 - The Heather Andrews Show - TLN Blog Cover

The Heather Andrews Show | Dr Stacey Latimer Cooper

Dr Stacey Latimer Cooper   Dr. Stacey Latimer Cooper joins us in this episode of the Heather Andrews Show where she will talk about Creating Balance in this Chaotic World! The key highlights of this interview are: Why do so many find their lives to be so stressful? Why is balance important in our lives? What is all the hype about? How can we each create more balance in our own life? Get To Know More About Dr. Stacey Dr. Stacey Cooper, wholistic health and wellness expert, founder of Lifestyle Balance Solutions, author of the Healthy Fuels Cookbook, International Best-Selling Author of “What’s Self Love Got To Do With It?”, creator of the Healthy Eating Blueprint and the Balanced Living Academy. Dr. Stacey is also a wife to her high school sweetheart Dean, and they have 4 children. What lead Dr. Cooper to initially create Lifestyle Balance Solutions was in[…]

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The Heather Andrews Show | Nichole Jacobs

Nichole Jacobs Nichole Jacobs shares the story of her life. What her life was like before she discovered EFT and meditations. She then further shares the climax of her depression and anxiety. And through it all join her as she talks about over coming those hurdles and leading a different life today. Get to Know Nichole Jacobs I am a southern-raised 36 year old wife, and mother to 3. One more blessing on the way. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and registered dental hygienist. My Catholic faith has been greatly enhanced by adding in self-help tools such as EFT and meditation. These combined have brought out of my introverted, too-reserved, awkward state, full of anxiety and depression, and into my current state of vibrancy, passion, and hope. It is my goal in life to help others discover who they are meant to be, and therefore bringing[…]

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The Heather Andrews Show | Corby Furrow

Corby Furrow The Heather Andrews Show welcomes Corby Furrows back with a very insightful conversation. Join them today to learn: How to overcome stress & anxiety How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in your life? And what would happen once you’ve incorporated it into your life Transformational coaching and what’s holding you back to reach your goals and move yourself forward How to tap into our Mindfulness through EFT and the science behind it. Who is Corby Furrow? Corby is a Transformational Catalyst that changes the relationships that women live their lives by both personally and professionally so that they can impact the word by doing what makes them come alive. Working in a male dominated industry for over 24 years as an HR professional. This has given Corby lots of insight into how companies’ function and not function. During her time she always felt that there was something[…]

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Rosalyn Fung - The Heather Andrews Ep 22 - Tenacious Living Network - Blog Cover

The Heather Andrews Show | Rosalyn Fung

Rosalyn Fung Rosalyn Fung joins Heather Andrews to share with you how she has been helping women entrepreneurs CONFIDENTLY stand out as the go-to expert in their industry as well as create a live and online presence through speaking and social media. Some of the things they will cover are: What does self-love have to do with growing your business or practice? What is the Inner Critic and why do we have it? How does one person start to shift their Inner Critic? Who is Rosalyn Fung? Rosalyn Fung is a personally a wife, mother, daughter, friend, community member. Professionally, she is a Self-Love Life & Business Coach, Speaker, International Best Selling Author and Reiki Master, who is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs Unleash Their Inner Wonder Woman. She helps you own your worth to stand out confidently as the go-to expert in your field to manifest your ideal clients, live[…]

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Shannon Watkins - Ep 21 - The Heather Andrews Show - Tenacious Living Network - Blog Cover with Shannon Watkins

The Heather Andrews Show | Shannon Watkins

Shannon Watkins Shannon Watkins joins Heather Andrews in this podcast interview to talk about: How to build a business using social media as a single mom. Overcoming the feeling being less than adequate. Overcoming fear and “shyness” Finding who you want to be How to reinvent yourself Know More About Shannon Shannon Watkins is a network marketing warrior princess! She is a single mom of four who built her business to a million dollar income in less than three years. She overcame the insecurities left by abuse, pushed past fears, and built a business that supported her family and their dreams. She enjoys attempting pilates, is addicted to tacos, and loves spending time with her boys whether it’s homeschool, Nerf Wars in the living room, or family movie night. Get In Touch… Business: Gods Warrior Princess, Bikini Ready Inc, It Works Global Ambassador Diamond Website: Facebook Business Page: Other[…]

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