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Nadine Hatzitolios McGill - The Heather Andrews Show Ep 20 - TLN

The Heather Andrews Show | Nadine Hatzitolios McGill

Nadine Hatzitolios McGill Nadine Hatzitolios McGill helps women realize their worthiness and teaches them skills to increase their self esteem. She now joins Heather Andrews in this episode to talk about how self esteem grows out of self love. What would you  learn from Nadine’s interview: Nadine’s ‘Why’ for doing this work. Who her target niche is and why. What can people expect from her chapter on What’s Self Love Got To Do With It! and how it relates to self esteem. Who is Nadine Hatzitolios McGill? Nadine has worked in the medical, educational and human services fields for 30 years. In that time, she has noticed that, although many women are able to satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of their roles in the workplace, they are often secretly struggling with the self esteem to do their work confidently, without vacillation, guilt and the need for constant outside approval. After decades of[…]

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Corby Furrow - The Heather Andrews Ep 19 - Tenacious Living Network

The Heather Andrews Show | Corby Furrow

Corby Furrow   Corby Furrow is an expert in creating a safe place for women to let their guard down and get raw and personal with their subconscious beliefs and emotions that are getting in the way of their success, their happiness and fulfillment. She’s joined our host Heather Andrews in this podcast series to talk about What’s Self Love Got To Do With It! Know More About Corby Corby is a Transformational Catalyst that changes the relationships that women live their lives by both personally and professionally so that they can impact the word by doing what makes them come alive. Working in a male dominated industry for over 24 years as an HR professional. This has given Corby lots of insight into how companies’ function and not function. During her time she always felt that there was something missing. We have all the right tools but not much[…]

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Alana Dixon-McAllister - The Heather Andrews Show Ep 18 - Tenacious Living Network - Blog Cover

The Heather Andrews Show | Alana Dixon-McAllister

Alana Dixon-McAllister Alana Dixon-McAllister joins Heather in this podcast series to talk about topics that affects us all, from self-love, self-discovery, wellness and anxiety. Get To Know More About Alana Alana is a published author who loves to share her journey with others and how they can work on being the best version on themselves and learn how self discovery and development can change their life forever. She has been working as a certified Life Coaching Professional since 2017, specializing in empowering those who need help in identifying and achieving their personal goals by guiding them to find the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, blockages and stress. She takes great pride in the progress and success of her clients, and helping others. Business: Empowerment Of The Soul Website: Twitter: Alana_SpclVctry Facebook Business Page: Coach Lana Mac Other Heather Andrews Show Episodes You Might Like Just in case you missed Heather’s[…]

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The Heather Andrews Show | Adele Lepine

Adele Lepine In this episode relationship coach Adele Lepine joins us at the Heather Andrews Show to talk about the book “What’s Self Love Got To Do With It?” and what you wish you were taught about relationships in school! Adele & Relationship Coaching Adele Desjardins-Lepine has faced many adversities in her life. Some people look for escape in self-destruction or addiction…but not Adele. She has taken the lessons learned through pivotal points in her life to become codependent no more. Adele is a child of divorce and a divorcee herself. She and her ex-husband have learned how to co-parent through communication and learning to lift the other partner even if they are not willing to reciprocate. Today, Adele is a Relationship Coach, advocate for emotional survival and passionate about the well being of others. She has learned that when you trust, that is where the magic happens. She is[…]

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Stefanie Miller - Ep 16 - The Heather Andrews Show - TL Network Blog Cover

The Heather Andrews Show | Stefanie Miller

Stefanie Miller Stafanie Miller is one of the co-author of the book “What’s Self-Love Got To Do With It?“, an expert in the field of Paramedicine and First Responder Mental Health. She’s joined by our host Heather Andrews to discuss topics relating to PTSD and growing despite the adversity. Here’s a quick overview: Growth through adversity, How she lived and continue to work with PTSD? Can one ever be cured from PTSD? Does Stefanie ever relapse? What to do to stay healthy? Stefanie Miller, A-EMCA Stefanie joined the County of Brant Paramedic Service in 2009 after graduating with honours from Conestoga College, where she was awarded the Mature Student Award. She has also been named the recipient of Conestoga’s 2017 ALUMNI of DISTINCTION Award. She worked with the Region of Waterloo Paramedic Service until December 2015. Stefanie spent six years between the two services as a part time paramedic and[…]

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Dr. Stacey Cooper - Ep 15 - The Heather Andrews Show - TLN - Blog Cover featuring Dr. Stacey Cooper

The Heather Andrews Show | Dr. Stacey Cooper

Dr. Stacey Cooper In today’s Heather Andrews episode we welcome Dr. Stacey Cooper as she talks about being a co-author and the launch of the book “What’s Self Love Got To Do With It?“. Learn More About Dr. Stacey Cooper Doctor of Chiropractic, holistic health and wellness expert, lifestyle coach and author, Dr. Stacey Cooper initially created Lifestyle Balance Solutions in an immediate response to suffering her own health crisis as a result of not having balance in her life. She was unaware of the extent of her strength or what this life-altering experience would uncover for her and her family. Stacey’s ‘rediscovery’ of what it takes to be healthy in this crazy world, and her journey to the realization of a deeper relationship with herself and her family, led her to ultimately find the way to balancing her life and restoring her health. Dr. Stacey has created online products[…]

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The Heather Andrews Show│Blanca Pauliukevicius

Blanca Pauliukevicius Blanca Pauliukevicius, the bravery architect, shares with us how bravery, daring to heal our past stories, our beliefs, our self-imposed limitations can help us become who we are meant to be. Daring to leave countries, relationships, jobs, careers, businesses and whatever it takes in order to be true and kind with ourselves. In this interview we will learn: How was it like leaving her comfortable job to pursue a more authentic path in her career after 20 years of track records? How did she get the bravery to take that step? How have she dealt with her healing and her money mindset to reach for your goals? And how does she help her clients with healing and money mindsets? Who is Blanca Pauliukevicius? Blanca has 20 years of experience in Auditing, Operations, and business & finance management but recently she has what it seems like a Masters in[…]

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Apryl Dawn - Ep 13 - The Heather Andrews Show - TLN blog cover with Apryl Dawn

The Heather Andrews Show│Apryl Dawn Berringer

Apryl Dawn Apryl Dawn talks to Heather Andrews about manifesting through fear and shares with us the following: What makes Apryl an expert on fear? How was she able to manifest through fear? How is her life affected now by fear? Learn More About Apryl Dawn Berringer Apryl Dawn has been an entrepreneur all of her adult life, owning her first business of now four by the young age of 21. An avid yogi, yoga teacher, legacy lululemon ambassador, and now full time jewelry designer for her own named company Apryl Dawn Designs. She’s self grown her brand into an international name, selling in over 45 stores from her home city of Calgary, Alberta, all the way to New York City and into Europe. She’s had the pleasure to make custom and personal pieces for a certain “dragon” from the hit entrepreneurial series dragon’s den, has been featured in OK[…]

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Sarina Breen - Ep 12 - The Heather Andrews Show - TLN blog cover with Sarina Breen

The Heather Andrews Show│Sarina Breen

Sarina Breen Join Sarina Breen as she talks about: How she got started in the internet marketing and social media marketing industry? What she think are the three most important things when starting out in network marketing, internet marketing, or social media marketing? The would her advice today be  on what the most influential part of your journey thus far has been. Learn more about Sarina Sarina Breen is  a #hotmessbizzymama who focuses on Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. She also likes to help others find their passion and purpose as they move forward to make their dreams a reality in the home based business arena. She  was able to see a bigger vision when she started letting go of the end game and started focusing on an abundant mindset to help others. Once she let go of the idea of how much she needed to make, the path[…]

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Awilda Prignano - Ep 11 - The Heather Andrews Show - TLN - blog cover with Awilda Prignano

The Heather Andrews Show│Awilda Prignano

Awilda Prignano Who is Awilda Prignano? Awilda was born and raised in Chicago, IL and currently resides in the NW suburbs. She is the proud mother of a daughter, now grown, whom she raised as a single parent, being widowed very young. Throughout her life, Awilda has always had two passions – writing and people. These passions are what lead her to be of service to others and pursue coaching as a career. Awilda coauthored the international bestselling book, Obstacles Equal Opportunities, published in the spring of 2017. Awilda is a transformational coach and helps individuals become the best version of themselves through lasting habit change and self-care. She has been through much adversity throughout her life and will admit she is a constant work in progress. Awilda knows first-hand that change is possible when you put your heart and mind into it and remain resilient during challenging times. Find[…]

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