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What’s MONEY Got to do With It?

What's Money Got to Do With It, Todd Schmekel

What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Getting Back on Track | Todd Schmekel

Investment specialist Todd Schmekel joins host Heather Andrews to discuss how many times in our lives we are faced with negative events which can take a toll on us, but usually, we have friends or family around to help support us. However, when it comes to negative financial situations, we often find ourselves alone to deal with those. Todd will discuss some strategies to help get you back on track financially. Get to Know Todd Schmekel… Todd Schmekel is an expert in helping long-term serious investors reach their goals. He works to understand what is important to the people he works with by really listening to their needs. He builds personalized strategies in order to help them realize their financial goals and partners with them to ensure those goals become a reality. Todd has a Masters of Education in Leadership and Teaching from the University of Calgary and has completed[…]

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Randy McCord What's Money Got to Do With It

What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Tax-Free Retirement Income | Randy McCord

Randy McCord Financial Expert, joins host Heather Andrews to talk finances and specifically about tax-free retirement income. Do you want to save money for your retirement? Find out all of the tips and tricks and best options for doing so. You don’t want to miss this episode! Get to Know Randy McCord… Randy is a founder of National Best Financial Network, one of the most innovative and progressive Life Insurance brokerages in Canada. Randy and his Team at National Best are specialists at protection and investment strategies for Canadians. However, Randy’s personal focus is on assisting business owners. His team is dedicated to assisting business owners who are looking for innovative financial planning expertise.Randy is a native Calgarian who resides on the river in Bowness with his wife, Phyllis, and Abby the busy border collie. He has two daughters who are all grown up.  He loves playing the guitar and[…]

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What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews |Dear Younger Me | Donna Eriksson

Donna Eriksson, beauty expert and business owner, shares with Heather what business tips she would have told her younger self before going through the entrepreneurship journey, and what has actually kept her in her current field for over three decades. Get to Know Donna Eriksson… Innovative mentor, Donna Eriksson has been a driving force in the local beauty industry for over thirty years. Beloved by her clients, valued by her students, and respected by her peers, this premiere esthetician stands for excellence, integrity and superlative customer service.  However, her success didn’t happen overnight. Donna’s road was long, with few opportunities to seek guidance, particularly in the practical side of running a legitimate business. Thus, her latest venture, to provide both technical training as well as business skills and strategies came into being. Recognizing the need for ‘creative by nature’ salon owners to take advantage of training in how to attract[…]

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Freedom From Debt

What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Money Mindset | Jenn Widney

Listen as guest Jenn Widney, financial educator joins host Heather Andrews to talk about how you can gain freedom from debt and about the relationship with money and what that should look like. Get to Know Jenn Widney… After robbing her daughter’s piggy bank to pay a credit card bill that she couldn’t afford, Jenn Widney remembers thinking, this cannot be my life. How did I get here? Jenn became mortgage free at the age of thirty-three, and her experience has fuelled a passion for helping people achieve financial freedom and release themselves from the burden of debt. She is a Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Trainer and has her BA in Psychology from the University of Calgary. She loves to make finances interesting and fun, and cash flow plans are her superpower. Reach out to Jenn … Business: Financial Fundamentals Website: Facebook:

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Alana Heim

What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Money Mindset | Alana Heim

Join Alana Heim, Financial Expert, as she talks with host Heather Andrews about the energy of money as it relates to the mindset or underlying beliefs people have about money. What does your image of money say about you? How can you shift your beliefs about money? What is abundance by design? Listen in to find out! Get to Know Alana Heim… Alana’s vision is for every person to align with their unique wealth powers so they can positively and powerfully effect change in the world. She is a certified public accountant, a personal financial specialist, a licensed insurance agent, and a Certified Financial Planner™. She is also a certified human design specialist, a quantum alignment system practitioner, and an inspirational speaker. She wrote the chapter Money in Karen Curry Parker’s best-selling book, Abundance By Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness With Human Design, and now[…]

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What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Emotions and Money | Jay Tsougrianis

Join Jay Tsougrianis, financial coach, as she talks with Heather Andrews about learning to manage your emotions around money, savings and spending. Heather explores with Jay what finally made her come to terms with her negative relationship to money, what steps she took to take accountability of her poor spending habits, and how she felt about ignoring her poor spending habits even though she has a background in finance. Meet Jay Tsougrianis… Jay has a degree in management with a major in finance from the University of Calgary. She worked briefly selling mutual funds and as an analyst in the oil and gas industry before finding her way into pharmaceutical and medical sales. After years of pushing herself to the brink in order to be recognized, Jay suffered mental and physical burnout and left the industry. After regaining her life balance, and re-evaluating her life purpose, she discovered that true[…]

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