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Embracing Innocence - WisdomWays Radio Ep 23 - Tenacious Living Network Holistic Health Podcast Directory Blog Cover

WisdomWays Radio | Embracing Innocence

Embracing Innocence Have you lost your innocence? Do you carry guilt around consciously or subconsciously? Guilt could be our biggest barrier to awakening from this experience of pain and suffering and yet for most people it is so hard to let it go. Even if we do not feel the guilt ourselves, if we declare others guilty, then that is a projection of our own subconscious guilt. Guilt is all about the past and the past is gone. We think we can know someone from our past memories of them, but is that true? What if it is our beliefs about another that creates our experience of them? What if we saw others without the past projection but with spiritual sight – with unconditional love and innocence. The truth is that we are pure innocence and when we fully embrace our innocence, we are free. Join me in this podcast[…]

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Taming Your Critical Self - WisdomWays Radio Ep 22 - TLR Stations Cover

WisdomWays Radio | Taming Your Critical Self

Taming Your Critical Self Have you given your power away to your Inner Critic? Does it badger you with its heartless, negative opinion? When you make a mistake, is it relentless in beating you up and telling you what you should have or should not have done? We all have an inner critic. Where we differ is in how pervasive it is and how much power we have given it. The inner critic can be a relentless, obnoxious voice in our head that squeezes happiness and joy out of our lives OR it can be an occasional quiet voice that we notice and relate to on the periphery of our mind. Which do you have? Which would you rather have? Join me in this podcast as we relate to the inner critic and begin to take our power back from it and take it off the throne of self. The[…]

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Loving Your Body - WisdomWays Radio Ep 21 - TLR Station

WisdomWays Radio | Loving Your Body

Loving Your Body Are you loving and accepting your body as it is and as it changes? Do you see and feel it in its beauty and power or do you project disgust, dislike or even hatred onto it? Is your body your friend or the enemy which never cooperates with you? Our collective consciousness and beliefs are very ‘physically-based’. As a result, our perception of beauty and body image tends to be shallow or ‘skin-deep’. We have been ‘programmed’ from childhood about what the perfect body ‘should look like’ and as a result most of us reject our body or cannot fully BE with our body. In this, the body becomes our enemy rather than the powerful friend and ally it is designed to be. Friends work with us, enemies don’t. We are usually open to listening to our friends, but not our enemies. Join me in this podcast[…]

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The Power of Truth in Dissolving Fear - WisdomWays Radio Ep 20 - TLN

WisdomWays Radio | The Power of Truth in Dissolving Fear

The Power of Truth in Dissolving Fear Does fear hold you back? Is your fear out of control? Do you have panic attacks, anxiety and even fear fear itself? Does it block you from embracing change or creating the life you desire and deserve? As human beings, fear is a key driver of behavior and this core emotion is meant to keep us safe and secure. Fear is always about the future, but usually based on past subconscious experiences, memories, habits and beliefs. Fear is a useful mechanism as long as it is based in the truth of what is NOW. In most cases, however our fears are not based in truth, but an illusion manufactured by our mind. Join me in this podcast about the fears we manufacture in our mind and how to dissolve these illusions and relax into truth. The Interested in other WisdomWays Radio podcasts? Listen to[…]

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Master Trump - WisdomWays Radio Ep 19 - TLR Station Cover

WisdomWays Radio | Master Trump

Master Trump On January 20th, Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the USA. How do you feel about Trump? Can you feel gratitude for him? Chances are, you are not neutral. Chances are, like many people, you have even been over-the-top emotional about it, turning it into a polarized drama. Trump is perhaps the most polarizing figure of our time. Whenever there is this kind of dramatic polarizing and projection, either from within ourselves or within our society, then there is unresolved shadow in play. These shadows are arising so that they can be embraced and owned. Whether you are “for Trump” or “against Trump” he is masterfully holding shadow. Trump is a “master mirror” that is reflecting back to America and perhaps much of our world an opportunity to create positive change. There is no accident that figures like Trump are arising now. In this[…]

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Healing Shame - WisdomWays Radio Ep 18 - Tenacious Living Network

WisdomWays Radio I Healing Shame

Healing Shame Shame is a true emotion and therefore has a positive side to it. No emotions are “bad” unless they are rejected, not owned or go unexpressed. Emotions are meant to move, motivate and move us into action. They are energy in motion. However, shame in our personal and collective experience in this world today is out of balance and is being used in unhealthy ways. Many, if not most, people have received an overload of shame early in life which has gone unexpressed. Shamed-based adults virally project and pass their shame onto others, and in particular, their children. This shame-based behavior is an intense shadow that we carry and detrimental to our well being. More than any other emotion, it has the potential to keep us trapped in old limiting patterns of behavior unless we turn towards it and resolve it. Unresolved shame can block other healing. If[…]

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The Falling And Failing Of Masters -WisdomWays Radio Ep17 Cover- TLN

WisdomWays Radio | The Falling and Failing of Masters

The Falling and Failing of Masters There is a saying, “When the student is ready, the Master will appear”. Navigating life and spirituality is tricky. At times to support our inner journey, it is useful to seek the expertise and assistance of others that have travelled a little farther on the path. They can give us knowledge, guidance and support. We label them as experts, teachers, Gurus or Masters. Within the Law of Attraction or through Mirrors of Relationship, we will all attract the perfect “Masters” when we are ready. We, at times, will even play the Master for others. Beware, however, the person who claims to be “your Master” and be careful about putting anyone, including yourself, up on the pedestal of Master. If you do, you may be setting yourself up for another painful betrayal. In this podcast, we will look at the archetype of the “Master” and[…]

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The Darkside Of Caretakers -WisdomWays Radio Ep 15 Cover

WisdomWays Radio | The Darkside of Caretakers

The Darkside of Caretakers Do you find fulfillment in taking care of others?  Do you believe that selfless service is the answer to a better world? If so, how is that working out for you?  Do you find yourself depleted? Do you attract a never-ending stream of family, friends, colleagues, victims or causes in the world that seem to take your energy rather than build your energy? This podcast looks at the wonderful archetype of the caretaker and the traps that they can get into when they are out of balance or unevolved. Out of balance, caretakers unconsciously give of themselves but may not receive very well. They inappropriately rescue rather than empower others to step into their own capacities. They can think they are in pure service of others when it is really driven from their unhealed wounds and ego payoffs. Join in on this podcast to discover and[…]

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Betrayal of Money - WisdomWays Radio Ep 16 - TLR Station

WisdomWays Radio | Betrayal of Money

Betrayal of Money What are you experiencing with money? Is it abundant, flowing and empowering your life or do you find yourself scraping together just enough to pay the rent? Are you experiencing increasing debt? Do you live in the constant fear that you will lose everything because of the lack of money? Money is a great teacher for everyone and especially for spiritually inclined people aiming to claim their authentic power. Money is energy and how it shows up in your life may be showing you important clues to where you are not owning your light. Think of it as a powerful mirror and friend that is challenging you to be all you can be. In this podcast, we will look at why money may be betraying you and how by embracing your light, money will then embrace you.   The Interested in other WisdomWays Radio podcasts? Listen to other[…]

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Balancing The Masculine & Feminine Energies -WisdomWays Radio Ep 14 Cover

WisdomWays Radio | Balancing The Masculine & Feminine Energies

Balancing The Masculine & Feminine Energies How is your inner and outer dance with masculine and feminine energy? Are they in balance? Is one, the other or both causing havoc in your relationships? Do you own the wonderful capacities of both energies as you create and co-create the life you desire? Are you able to choose which energy is most appropriate in the moment or do you react against the opposite and create conflict with the other? Within the dynamics of masculine and feminine ways of being, there are usually many shadows or hidden sources of authentic power to claim. In this podcast, we will talk about the dynamics of the masculine and feminine energies and how owning both within you will improve relationships and give you access to power and potential that currently is out of reach. Owning and dancing between both will add more magic and mystery, synchronicity[…]

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