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Move: The Future Of Mindful Movement -Conscious Conversations Ep 4 Cover

Conscious Conversations | MOVE: The Future Of Mindful Movement

MOVE: The Future Of Mindful Movement

We are all healing from some past hurt or loss, but it doesn’t mean we are broken. Our past struggles, traumas or health issues don’t have to be a life sentence.

Special guest, Jane Clapp, believes we have the power to free ourselves from the shackles that limit our joy and fulfillment. While it is widely accepted that mindfulness is necessary to shape the body, Jane asserts that the body is one of the most powerful alchemic tools for shaping the mind.

As a practitioner in the health industry for two decades, her approach is to combine holistic personal training with tension and trauma healing to help her clients gain strength, mobility and energy. Through personal and professional exploration, she knows that you can cultivate a deeply felt sense of resilience and agency to realize freedom in your life.

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