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Beyond the Bank

Beyond the Bank is all about understanding what you, as a business owner, is paying and why.    

Jennifer Belik is a Business Funding Consultant with The Business Funding Guru and the VP of Client Relations with KIS Payments.  She has educated herself on the merchant services industry and the costs involved; now she is eager to share that knowledge with you.

In this 6 part series, Jenn Belik, Business Funding Consultant, will provide you with a basic introduction to the Canadian Processing Industry and Non-Banking business funding in a way that is designed to help you make informed choices by understanding what you’re paying and why.

Complete List of Podcasts:

  • Processing with Eyes Wide Open - Part 1

    • Lyrics
  • Processing with Eyes Wide Open - Part 2

    • Lyrics
  • Processing with Eyes Wide Open - Part 3

    • Lyrics
  • Alternative Business Funding and Building your Business Credit Rating

    • Lyrics