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From Shadows to Light | A Whole Human Approach | Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron

Join host Oliva Kachman as she is interviewed by special guest Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron who asks Olivia to share her own reasons for starting the book From Shadows to Light, and as Olivia shares a little of her own story as it relates to her journey with mental health.

Get to Know Olivia Kachman…

Olivia Kachman, B. Ed., discovered her life purpose as a sacred witness who empowers others to heal their lives from the inside out.  As the founder of Phoenix Alchemy, Olivia is a Transformational Guide here to serve those who are ready to rise up and feel the freedom of living their fullest potential; a life beyond their past wounds. Olivia creates a safe, sacred space and intuitively guides people to let go of their limitations and suffering, so they can reclaim their power and rebirth themselves anew.  Her offerings include individual and group healing ceremonies, transformational energy work, spiritual dance, and embodiment practices. She honours her teachers, ancestors, and spirit guides who continue to awaken the ‘medicine woman’ within her soul. Olivia is blessed to be a student of Leyolah Antara, a priestess from the Rose Mystica tradition, who initiated her in the lineage of Kundalini Dance™ as a facilitator in 2011.

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