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From Shadows to Light | #him2: Supporting Boys to Men | Kimmy Krochak

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with Kimmy Krochak about the lack of support for men in terms of mental health and overall empowerment. Anger is the only emotion that the boys don’t cry culture allows men to feel. Every other vulnerable emotion – fear, sadness, joy, love is virtually off-limits to boys and men. She also talks about why she made the choice to support and empower boys to men and #him2.

Get to know Kimmy Krochak…

Kimmy Krochak gifts the world with her energy, unique charm, humor, and ‘sass,’ with a slight sprinkle or more of princess (either self-sprinkled or sprinkled from the
universe), along with genuine heartfelt kindness and compassion for those she knows and meets. So, it is fitting that when she opened her multifaceted
business as an Energetic Empowerment Consultant & Coach, she called it, none other than “KimmyEnergy.” Kimmy works assisting souls around the world from her current
home base in Western Canada. Ego and judgment of other souls have no place, either in her personal life or in her business practice with clients. Down to earth is how she truly is as she speaks her
truth to her clients, classes, and at events. Kimmy champions survival, determination, and perseverance in the battles against heartache, horrific childhood traumas
(physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual), as well as PTSD. Her gifts allow her to support and assist other souls in making the conscious decision about their own awareness;
encouraging individuals to choose to become more than they ever thought possible.

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