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From Shadows to Light | Take the Helm | Ruthann Weeks

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with special guest Ruthann Weeks about how she thinks workplaces are doing with their response to COVID19 and mental health, how a psychologically safe organization operates and what she feels the number one leadership trait is.

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Ruthann Weeks is the founder of Harmony in the Workplace. She is a tireless forward-thinking crusader whose efforts have helped to bring the importance of an abuse-free work environment to the forefront of public awareness. She is also a gifted corporate keynote speaker who delivers a powerful message about today’s workplace challenges to senior executives and
decision-makers. Starting off as a Certified Information and Referral Specialist in the human service sector, Ruthann went on to graduate as a Human Resource Manager. She also obtained her Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) certification as a Psychological Health and Safety Advisor. Ruthann discovered that the more she learned about workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and psychological safety, the more she wanted to improve the workplace environment for everyone. She established her social enterprise to foster safety in the workplace by addressing violence and harassment through practical education and risk-mitigating strategies. Ruthann donates a portion of all revenues to domestic violence prevention initiatives.

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