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From Shadows to Light | The Power of Your Shopping Cart | Katrina Breau

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with co-author and Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant Katrina Breau about how the foods we choose to eat affect our mental health, which foods can help or harm our moods, and how she used foods along her personal mental health journey.

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Katrina’s life’s journey has been continuously affected by mental health issues. They have colored every aspect of her life, throughout my childhood, her teenage years, then adulthood. Katrina always felt overwhelmed by the constant change that surrounded her at each stage of her life and the rollercoaster effect it had on her mental health. By the time she was a teenager, her parents had each divorced multiple times. Katrina was constantly uprooted and moving around to different communities, which meant that her life lacked a solid foundation and that she had no social network to support her.

Adding to that stress, Katrina was also living with the challenges of epilepsy, dyslexia, and sexual abuse. She never felt safe. Only later in life did she come to understand the impact of this unstable environment on her mental and physical health. The extreme highs and lows of her family dynamic, and the financial consequences of constant change, contributed to a long-term lack of nutritional balance. As a young child growing up with a spectrum of mental and physical health challenges, each meal Katrina ate affected her mood, cognition, seizure activity, and overall wellness. Her energy levels fluctuated according to the quantities and qualities of the nutritional fuel she received daily. Later, Katrina grew to understand the power of nutrition and how her shopping cart, and the food she chose, could act as a medicine to help her body and her mind be the best it could be.

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