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From Shadows to Light | I Choose to Rise Above | Cindy Klamn-Conway

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with special guest Cindy Klamn-Conway as she shares her life growing up surrounded by addiction and dysfunction as well as life situations that resulted in PTSD and negative self-talk. Cindy shares about her journey to healing and overcoming her past. There is life after trauma.

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Cindy Klamn-Conway was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta by her father, Hank Klamn. Cindy had a very close relationship with her father that left lasting imprints on her heart. When she was thirty-five years old, Cindy and her husband packed up and moved to Calgary where they raised their three beautiful children. In her life, Cindy has faced many challenges but never allowed fear to knock her down. She thrives on her strength and positivity to turn all situations into life lessons. She is a natural-born Intuitive Spiritual Guide/Medium who chooses to use her gift to bring happiness and peace into the lives of others who may need support or answers in the darkest times of their lives. She brings a unique blend of passion, honesty, and equality that she spreads throughout her community and family. She embraces people without judgment, she accepts them as they are, and comes to them from a place of authenticity.

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