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Obstacles Equal Opportunities - Tracy Rickards

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews|Business Skills for Success |Tracy Rickards

Tracy Rickards, small business expert joins host Heather Andrews and talks about the skills needed for new, aspiring, and experienced business owners in order to create success. Tracy talks about what mental prisons are and how you can bail yourself out if you find yourself inside of one.

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Tracy initially created Sassy Success to free herself from a corporate job that provided a significant income, but slowly and surely was killing her soul. She was unaware of the extent of her bondage or what deep revelations her journey to freedom would uncover.

A business and lifestyle coach, financial expert and author, Tracy has created online products and personal mentoring programs for others seeking release from the “Golden Handcuffs” of a job they no longer enjoy. As a speaker and educator, she provides a powerful combination of the business and personal skills you require to transform your life with confidence.

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