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Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews| The Power of Personal Development |Leslie Tremblay

In this episode, Leslie Tremblay, co-author in Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II, talks with Heather about the power of personal development, and the various personal life lessons she has learned on her journey.

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Leslie’s ambition and education have been her pathway to achieving a rewarding career as a professional administrator. She is a lifelong learner with a ongoing desire to investigate the more intrinsic qualities in life and what makes who we ultimately become. Leslie constantly steps outside her comfort zone, both personally and professionally knowing that this is the only way one truly grows.

Leslie’s passion include travel, family, community service and inspiring others to become better versions of themselves through guidance in personal and professional development. Her greatest accomplishment thus far was that at the age of 40 she gave birth to her son Dominic. She never gave up trying to be a mom. Along with her husband, she teachers her son how to become the best person he can be. Leslie’s life is about balance and never giving up on her dreams.

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