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Emotional Kicker - Real Conversations with Mona Cooley Ep 02 - TLN

Real Conversations with Mona Cooley | Emotional Kicker

Emotional Kicker

Hosted by Mona Cooley

Today the Real Conversation is about the “Reality Of Emotions.” Emotions kick in when overwhelmed, frustrated, scared or anxious about a situation. What do you do about these emotions – stuff them, mask them, work through them and/or reach out to talk to someone you feel comfortable talking about them? Emotions happen. You are not alone. Today is about exploring emotions.



Communication continued to be a problem yet no changes were made till a traumatic situation landed so strong you are forced to take a look at the situation. It was breaking the family apart and when the reality of it hit, choices are made.

One, ignore it as the situation is okay now or pay attention, deciding something has to be done now. The statement, “I am sick and tired of this” is usually the statement said when change happens.

Going through constant pain over and over again is a choice, relieving the pain so it doesn’t return with a vengence is another choice.

Book Recommendation:

Face the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers


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