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Real Conversations With Mona Cooley | Premiere Episode – Wake Up

Premiere Episode of Real Conversations With Mona Cooley – Wake Up!

Reality of family situations go up and down. Understanding how we react to traumatic situations, what we feel and think when we go through them and what we do to work through the situation. After the storm is over, calmness sets in and what happens next will either improve the situation or cause deterioration. The action taken will either have you ready to make changes now or not.



The Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance workbook – Margaret Cullen & Gonzalo Brito Pons page 53 and Page 71 – exercise on page 73 – how will you react


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  1. Nice job, Mona – appreciate your transparency & willingness to share your challenges regarding taking care of your family by taking care of yourself. “Take time for yourself & find that space.” Simple-yet hard-words to live by!

    Congratulations and best wishes for a successful Podcast launch ~ I’m sure your compassionate and succinct suggestions will help others in what is a crisis for the whole family.

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