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Get Loved The Way You Need - Relationship Dynamics - TTS Ep53 blog cover featuring Eileen Head

Tenacious Talks | Get Loved The Way You Need

Get Loved The Way You Need

What are the things we need to know to build stronger, lasting relationships? Join Carrie-Ann Baron and special guest Eileen Head as they take on the following issues:

  • Are there personality patterns that we might be unaware of that are sabotaging our relationships?
  • Why is understanding your relationship dynamics is so important to connection
  • How can learning your personality transform all your relationships

Enneagram Personality & Relationship Expert Eileen Head

Eileen is an Enneagram Personality & Relationship Expert, Coach, and Speaker. She is a Bestselling Author of “Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?” where she shares how after divorce she figured out the couple dynamics of what happened through Enneagram Personalities. She is co-author of Frock Off Living Life Undisguised and When Women Talk. Eileen has been called the “Relationship Whisperer” as she assists people to create connected and loving relationships. With the “Get Loved The Way You Need” Relationship Online Program” you can discover how you can Be, Find and Reconnect to get the love you desire. Also with the “Singles Guide to Personality Matching” get insights which personality will make you the happiest. Also with training as a Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master, Eileen is passionate about supporting people to find their Relationship Answers, Figure Themselves Out, Become their Best Self and Get Loved The Way you Need.

Visit her website:

Or her Facebook account: Eileen Head/Enneagram Personality & Relationship Consultant


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