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Take Bake Your Life - Standing Firm in the Midst of Disaster - TTS Ep56 blog cover featuring Brian Fleming

Tenacious Talks | Take Back Your Life

Take Back Your Life

Human resilience expert. Combat-Wounded War Veteran, International Author and Speaker, Resilence Trainer for the US military Brian Fleming shares with us how to how to stand firm when everything around you is blowing up and take back your life.

Topics in this podcast will include:
1. How do the world’s most resilient people move beyond tragedy and overcome?
2. What do you think is one of the biggest obstacles that holds people back from moving forward beyond pain and trauma?
3. In your book “Redeployed: How Combat Veterans Can Fight The Battle Within and Win The War at Home”, you talk about ‘Release Valves’. Can you tell us more about what exactly that means?
4. What was the single greatest lesson you learned that allowed you to begin moving forward again?

More about Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming served as a Team Leader in an Infantry Platoon with the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division while fighting the ground war in Afghanistan. His vehicle was blown up twice while deployed and he was severely wounded in action when a suicide bomber exploded 3-feet away from him in Kandahar. After 14 months of burn treatment and reconstructive surgery, he went on to become an international author & speaker for companies across the globe, and a resilience trainer for the US Military. His mission is to help people stand firm when everything around them is blowing up!

Visit his website and business called Fleming Continuing Education Programs  and facebook page at 


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