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Andrea Muir

The Heather Andrews Show | A Transformational Journey | Andrea Muir

Andrea Muir, coach and personal trainer, joins Heather Andrews to share her personal story of transformation and how she went from barely surviving in life to thriving and finding out what her purpose in life is. She shares practical tips that people can use to start using to create their own transformation.

Get to Know Andrea Muir…

Andrea Muir is a self-proclaimed Soulfire Coach, Self-Care Advocate and mom of 2 who champions a holistic approach to thriving in life through physical well-being, an empowering mindset, and emotional fitness. Like a phoenix through the ashes of her own trauma, Andrea had to learn how to rise through her darkness of depression, her feeling of failing in life and lack of fulfillment. She was born again into a new level of hope and empowerment. 

Today she teaches others how to live healthy lives and thrive in all areas of life. In sharing her story, Andrea is committed to inspiring people to live deeply, go after big dreams, grow, stop surviving and thrive, practice self-care, do what sets their souls on fire, find their true purpose, create, and live a life by design.

Andrea is also a passionate Zumba Instructor; dance is the on to her soul.

Reach Out to Andrea…

Business: Living Unleashed Academy

Twitter: @Andrea_Muir_

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