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The Heather Andrews Show | Awakening Your Soul Devotion | Teresa Campos

Teresa Campos, Speaker, Author, and Guide, speaks with Heather Andrews about the discovery of the awakened self and what it means to live your soul devotion. She shares ways to identify and eliminate patterns that hold you in repeated cycles and keep you a victim. Listeners will leave with a clearer understanding that their life does have a purpose and divine timing. This core talk is geared toward individuals who currently find themselves at a crossroads in life and seeking what is next. Listeners will receive action steps to help them clarify what steps to take next.

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Teresa Campos is an accomplished speaker, author, guide and mentor to all those seeking a more fulfilled life. She works with individuals who know they’re here to live a deeper purpose but feel stuck trying to figure out what that is and how to make it happen. She helps them identify where they need to make changes, brave the terrain of those changes and guide them into a new way of being in the world.

Her cutting edge program, Your Life’s Design (TM), provides participants with insights into the deep-rooted patterns that impede manifesting their true desires. Her dedication to leading the life of a Spiritual Warrior has involved being a life long learner and practitioner of her own wisdom – teachings, exemplified in her book Braving the Self.

Teresa’s ability to focus her skill as an empath has become very acute over the years – so much so, that reading the language of the human body’s intelligence has become second nature. She has learned to identify an individual’s biography stored in the cellular memory of their body and has masterfully combined this skill with astrology, to further deepen an understanding of the reasons for the unfolding of their story. Not only can she decode an individual, but she has also applied this intelligence toward her sense of the collective evolution of humanity.

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