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The Heather Andrews Show | Breath and Beyond | Nicole Nykolaishyn

Join host Heather Andrews as she speaks with special guest Nicole Nykolaishyn, Breath Coach, about what breathwork is and what some of the benefits of breathwork are.

Get to Know Nicole Nykolaishyn … 

Nicole is a proud mom, best-selling author, and breathwork coach who is passionate about helping women reduce stress, guilt, and emotional overwhelm while improving their well-being!

Her mission is to help stressed out and emotionally overwhelmed moms shed the guilt and feel calm, empowered and experience a lightness to their being by helping them (re)connect to their body, mind, and soul which activates self-healing, and creates transformations from the inside out for better health & vitality.

Nicole experienced first-hand the challenges of being a stressed-out single mom and found transformation and healing in breathwork which has now become a passion for her. She shares her passion, experiences, and learning with others so they can find peace and harmony in their lives and relationships. Nicole believes the power of breathwork can help anyone become the best version of themselves and live their best life.

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