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The Heather Andrews Show | FEMME 500 | Ungenita Prevost

Join host Heather Andrews as she talks with special guest Ungenita Prevost about how women can support women in business and stop being mean girls.

Get to know Ungenita Prevost… 

Ungenita Prevost is a former Hollywood body double and music video dancer turned award-winning feminine leadership expert and the first woman of color to lead a global feminine leadership network.

She is the founder of SellingINStilettos®, FEMME Global 500, and the podcast Billion Dollar Rolodex. She is also the creator of the #1 business networking event for women, Networking IN STILETTOS. In 2021, she’s personally helped over 1000 women build SOCIAL CAPITAL + monetize their networks. Her LinkedIn community boasts over 15,000 women.

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