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The Heather Andrews Show | Life Choices | Barb Cross

Join host Heather Andrews as she speaks with special guest and author, Barb Cross about life choices and if, given a chance, would you choose to do things differently?

Get to Know Barb Cross… 

Barb spent the past 40 years as a financial planner and 32 years as a mother. She has guided and been guided through this life journey resulting in lessons for the life she believes are worth sharing with others. Her journey has been exhilarating and at times heartbreaking, but it has helped her build resilience combined with the desire to share the skills she has learned. Barb spent her early childhood on a ranch near Williams Lake, BC, and graduated after her family moved to the northern Okanagan. She now makes her home in Red Deer Alberta with her husband David, her three adult children, and one grandchild. Her life expanded to include her daughter’s friend as her “spare” daughter and her family as well. Secrets My Mother Never Told Me is her first book

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