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Timeless Teachings | From Chaos To Clarity

From Chaos To Clarity – Creating A Business From Your Passion

What are we going to learn from this interview:

  • The key elements to create clarity for your business message.
  • How to give your prospects what they really WANT, instead of what they need.
  • How to stay focused, on track and heading in the right financial direction.

Simon is a leading marketing and branding consultant working with passionate coaches, authors and consultants who want specific marketing strategies and guidance in order to serve more people.

Meet Simon Jordan

In his late 20s and on a death wish, Simon Jordan weighed 23 stone (322 lbs), he was binge eating and drinking and on drugs. Then 18 months later after making a decision to change his life around he now weighed 13 stone (182 lbs) and finished the London Marathon at 3hrs 45 minutes and now clean from drugs and drink.

Jump forward to his late 30s and Simon had just left the well-paid corporate world to start his own marketing company. 1 year in and wanting to work with clients internationally he setup his own online TV channel and then within 7 months he was speaking across the states and working with clients from California to New York, from Paris to Germany.

Throughout Simon’s life he has taken massive action and achieved big results.

Where is Simon at in his life right now…

He is the host of SimonJordan.TV the highly acclaimed online TV show were he shares his marketing hints and tips to a global audience.

Simon is also the Best Selling Amazon 5 star rated author of How to Sky Rocket Your Business (without burning your fingers).

He’s an international keynote speaker offering business and marketing advice with a good portion of motivation and inspiration thrown in. He is also a marketing mentor to thousands of business owners worldwide via his mentoring groups, TV and radio shows.

In September 2012 Simon launched his latest venture and passion– The Show for The Human Spirit. Interviewing inspiring people with inspiring stories from around the globe and within 1 month from launch had attracted over 22,500. The mission statement for the show is To Inspire, To Motivate and To Give Hope.


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