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Timeless Teachings | Look Wonderous, Feel Wonderous

Look Wonderous, Feel Wonderous

“Look Wonderous. Feel Wonderful. Be Wonder.” The Wonder Workout is a vigorous full body workout that strengthens & stretches simultaneously while shedding fat and uncovering the power of a quiet mind and rejuvenating health through a combination of movement, breath and meditation. This is one of the most efficient workouts in the World today!

Meet April Chandler

April is the Founder of Wonder Workouts and Creator and Co-producer of The Wonder Show. She is also a published Author, Wellness Activist, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Philanthropist and Britain’s Personal Best Ambassador.

April’s ethos and vision is to create happy, healthy people through her global platform. She is keen to demonstrate how various lifestyle factors have a deep and profound affect on one another and shows how the realms of physical health, sports and fitness, mental health, as well as personal relationships and business are all inter-related.

April has spread her message through a variety of different media around the World; lectures, books, manuals, magazine articles and includes past ownership of a luxury Health Club in San Diego, and 4 Health and Fitness Studios in Los Angeles where April catered to a vast number of A list Actors and Professional Athletes who she still continues to advise and work with in matters relating to health, fitness and mental well-being.


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The Timeless Teachings Vault is a collection of interviews by Carrie-Ann dating back to 2014. The podcast aims to introduce  her influential teachers and mentors along her path of self-discovery.   The knowledge and experience that these individuals have shared with her are truly timeless teachings!


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