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Timeless Teachings | Rediscover Who You Are With Kelly Falardeau

Rediscover Who You Are With Kelly Falardeau

In this episode of Timeless Teachings Vault with special guest Kelly Falardeau, she will impart how we could:

  • Learn how to accept your imperfect body as perfect without botox, liposuction or a boob job.
  • Learn how your value is not in how much money you make.
  • Learn the “tune in/tune out factor” that teaches you to overcome harmful opinions.
  • Learn how to take the “t” out of can’t.

Meet Kelly

Kelly Falardeau is a burn survivor since the age of two-years-old on 75% of her body and constantly struggled with her self-worth and confidence. She found a way to go from near-death to success; from the ugly scar-faced girl to the Top 10 Most Powerful and Influential Speaker, Fierce Woman of the Year, four times a Best-Selling Author, recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and most recently a YWCA Woman of Distinction. You have to ask yourself how? How did a burn survivor who constantly struggled with rejection, staring and teasing burst through all the negativity in her life to succeed? You have to hear her speak or read her books to learn the stories of how she did it.

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The Timeless Teachings Vault is a collection of interviews by Carrie-Ann dating back to 2014. The podcast aims to introduce  her influential teachers and mentors along her path of self-discovery.   The knowledge and experience that these individuals have shared with her are truly timeless teachings!


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