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Timeless Teachings | The Wrong Way And The Right Way To Effectively Deal With Change

The Wrong Way and the Right Way to Effectively Deal with Change

3 Proven Keys to Successfully Overcoming Change (and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of It).

One Little-Known Method For Overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) Without the Use of Prescription Medications.

REVEALED: One Scientifically Proven Way That You Can Literally Extend Your Life by 10 Years by Simply Practicing the 4 Unique Types of Resilience Everyday.

Brian Fleming is a #1 Best-Selling Author and one of the world’s most in-demand Mental Toughness Mentors.

A combat-wounded Afghanistan veteran and war survivor, he’s widely credited as being one of the US’s most accomplished resiliency/PTSD strategists and has helped thousands of trauma survivors, business professionals, and military service members DOUBLE, TRIPLE, and QUADRUPLE their levels of personal and professional productivity while helping them “experience less stress.” He has shared the stage with industry leaders and people of interest up to, and including, the President of the United States. He believes that the greatest investment a person can make is an investment in the lives of other people.

A Combat-Wounded Veteran from the war in Afghanistan, Fleming was blown up twice and severely injured when a suicide bomber exploded just 3-feet away from him in Kandahar. Now an International Speaker and #1 Best-Selling Author, Brian Fleming has entertained, inspired, and empowered countless thousands in audiences across the globe, ranging from 30-30,000 at a time! His unique, straight-forward, one-of-a-kind message of victory over extreme adversity is humorously inspiring and personifies the triumph of the human spirit. Brian will leave your audience desiring more out of life and demanding more from themselves!

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