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What's Money Got to Do With It, Todd Schmekel

What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Getting Back on Track | Todd Schmekel

Investment specialist Todd Schmekel joins host Heather Andrews to discuss how many times in our lives we are faced with negative events which can take a toll on us, but usually, we have friends or family around to help support us. However, when it comes to negative financial situations, we often find ourselves alone to deal with those. Todd will discuss some strategies to help get you back on track financially.

Get to Know Todd Schmekel…

Todd Schmekel is an expert in helping long-term serious investors reach their goals. He works to understand what is important to the people he works with by really listening to their needs. He builds personalized strategies in order to help them realize their financial goals and partners with them to ensure those goals become a reality.

Todd has a Masters of Education in Leadership and Teaching from the University of Calgary and has completed the Canadian Securities Course as well as numerous other courses in investment and finance. At 14, Todd first became interested in investing when he entered a national newspaper’s Stock Market Challenge.

In 2014 Todd went through a series of unexpected and life-altering changes and learned first hand that one’s financial situation can unravel in a hurry. Today, Todd lives happily in Calgary, where he operates a successful financial advisory practice. His passion is to bring together his 25 years in teaching and his belief that investing can help people live their best lives. In doing so he provides people with a unique investor education as well as the financial advice necessary to help them overcome obstacles on their path to financial freedom.

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