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Balancing The Masculine & Feminine Energies -WisdomWays Radio Ep 14 Cover

WisdomWays Radio | Balancing The Masculine & Feminine Energies

Balancing The Masculine & Feminine Energies

How is your inner and outer dance with masculine and feminine energy? Are they in balance? Is one, the other or both causing havoc in your relationships? Do you own the wonderful capacities of both energies as you create and co-create the life you desire? Are you able to choose which energy is most appropriate in the moment or do you react against the opposite and create conflict with the other?

Within the dynamics of masculine and feminine ways of being, there are usually many shadows or hidden sources of authentic power to claim. In this podcast, we will talk about the dynamics of the masculine and feminine energies and how owning both within you will improve relationships and give you access to power and potential that currently is out of reach. Owning and dancing between both will add more magic and mystery, synchronicity and flow to life.


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