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The Shadows Of Justice - WisdomWays Radio Ep 12 Cover

WisdomWays Radio | The Shadows Of Justice

The Shadows Of Justice

The energy of injustice is rising to extreme levels in our world today. Injustice is projected everywhere and false saviours of justice are rising up to save us all. There is feeling injustice that comes with terrorism, unbalanced economic systems, political corruption, and the list goes on. We have multitudes of victims, oppressors, and conspiracies to the extreme. Underlying it all are the shadows of justice/injustice that keep the illusion and fears alive. If you are losing a lot of energy in fighting or over-dramatizing the injustice in your world, then you’ll want to check out this podcast to understand how you might be co-creating injustice or not embracing truth. With awareness and release of your own wounds of injustice, you’ll gain a greater capacity to help and serve others with greater compassion and success. You will be able to relax your sword and live in greater joy.


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