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Taming Your Critical Self - WisdomWays Radio Ep 22 - TLR Stations Cover

WisdomWays Radio | Taming Your Critical Self

Taming Your Critical Self

Have you given your power away to your Inner Critic? Does it badger you with its heartless, negative opinion? When you make a mistake, is it relentless in beating you up and telling you what you should have or should not have done? We all have an inner critic. Where we differ is in how pervasive it is and how much power we have given it. The inner critic can be a relentless, obnoxious voice in our head that squeezes happiness and joy out of our lives OR it can be an occasional quiet voice that we notice and relate to on the periphery of our mind. Which do you have? Which would you rather have? Join me in this podcast as we relate to the inner critic and begin to take our power back from it and take it off the throne of self.


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