A Royal Secret

Betrayal. Honour. Restoration: To Move Forward...You must look back.

Princess Shahnoor’s life is fading fast. Fearing that important information may be lost forever, she summons Ravvi Singh to her palace in secret. Upon his arrival, he is given the journal of Raheem Ullah Khan to study.

As he reads the journal, Ravvi learns of Raheem’s father’s plan to take back his homeland from Abdullah Khan and regain his lost empire from a usurper.

Plans are made and soldiers dispatched, all while Raheem watches from afar, eager to learn, eager to please. From his father, he learns of the glory of victory, and the savagery of defeat. Of honour and betrayal.

As Raheem grows into a man, and the war continues to rage on, he sees the sacrifice and cruelty required for victory in battle. As a pawn of fate, he must navigate loss and life during a troubling time in India’s history.

When the time comes for Raheem to take his father’s place, he must decide his moves carefully. Decisions need to be made. Should he risk the safety of his family or gallop straight into war?

Rich in detail, A Royal Secret will grab you from the start and stay with you long after you turn the last page.