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If you haven’t published yet, this is a great next step. Everyone has a story – and EVERY story Matters! We work with you to get your story polished and ready to shine brightly in front of the world. To learn more about publishing with us and what books we have published, visit Our Publishing Page.

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Increase your visibility by hosting a podcast show or being a guest. We have experts on our team to work with you to design the show in an interesting and informative way. To learn more about creating a podcast with us, visit Our Podcasting Page.

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Get You Visible was created to help you be seen and heard to create influence, impact, and income by publishing your story for the world. We believe the power of your story through hardcopy, digital, and audiobook version combined with podcasting can inspire a broader global audience to share hope in adversity. 

Get You Visible offers ghostwriting, structural and copy editing with one-to-one support during this process, proofreading, formatting, and layout of your manuscript. 

Heather Andrews is a publisher, author, and visibility strategist who believes you can’t be a success and a secret at the same time. After her own adversity and reinvention during a job loss, she believes anyone can start over to create a new story for their life. Her core values of having a choice making new connections and reshaping our dialogue with self and others, we can create a new way to build a community to inspire, influence, and impact others to know they aren’t alone. 

To begin our process, schedule a free a discovery session to discuss what your goals are, and we will create a plan for you and your objectives.

We support authors, entrepreneurs, speakers. and coaches to create and publish  their story or business card type book to help them gain credibility in their field and begin to inspire others  to know what is possible.

The main difference between marketing and public relations is that marketing is drawing attention to you, the author, speaker, or podcast host and your platform.  

Public relations is managing the spread of information – keeping your reputation intact.