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It’s no small feat. There are a number of people out there offering the same services as you. You are working towards similar clients, similar goals, and it may feel sometimes like you are all offering the same services.

Everywhere you turn, you hear that you need to be unique. Show what your differences are. You hear mumbo jumbo of your unique selling point or unique identifier. Sometimes that feels like a tall order.

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They take care of you by making sure you are satisfied and checking in to see what else is needed. I finished doing 12 podcasts with them and the professional results are exemplary. I learned from the experiences along with the tips offered to provide the best shows. The first month, 450+ individuals listened to the podcasts. I highly recommend them!!
Mona Cooley - Get You Visible Podcasting
Mona Cooly
Cool Family Solutions
If you are looking to produce a podcast to get your message out into the world, I can highly recommend Tenacious Living Inc. Tenacious Living has supported me every step of the way from coaching to build a plan and keep the program on schedule, to editing and graphics production and website promotion. It took all the work out of it so I could focus on what I do best in the best possible way - my message and my passion! Thank you!
Richard Schulz - Get You Visible Podcasting
Richard Schultz