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Words Hold Immeasurable Influence In Our Lives

Our unique service has grown in its offerings with clients across Canada who have done the hard work while abandoning their comfort zones to gain personal transformation and serve others.

Clients who have worked with us have embraced the process, working closely with our diverse team, bringing their masterpieces to life, often earning them distinctive honours and building their confidence.

Our work together doesn’t stop there.

Many, just like you, are now enjoying the benefits of a life on their terms because they decided to play bigger with us on their team.

The mission of Get You Visible is to help people like you to share your story, build your confidence, and make your dreams a reality through the power of story.

When those who wish to tell their story come to us, they create a chapter, a book, a podcast, a life forever changed.

Get You Visible through print, podcast, and stage.

Five Pillars of Success and Our Core Values:


Facing fears with your courage muscle can open the doors to uncovering your story, new experiences, and your life’s mission.


You can make a choice to sit with your fear and be held back, or face your fear and move forward. 


Embrace your unique experiences and know they can connect with someone’s life and create an impact


By sharing your story, you begin to create a community that thrives and sets the tone for vulnerability and trust which generates influence, impact and income. 


Openness to connections can lead to opportunities. Relationships can create chapters that change lives. 

Our Management Team

Heather Andrews - Founder/Publisher/Author/Speaker - Get You Visible

Heather Andrews


Heather is the Publishing Strategist of Get You Visible, speaker, international best-selling author, and story coach. With her own podcasting company and radio show, she’s also a sought-after speaker who inspires audiences by sharing personal challenges and strategies that have helped her optimize adversity. Heather is a voice for self-discovery, reinvention, and fearless revitalization. 

Wendie Holbrook - Operations Manager / Publishing Project Management - Get You Visible

Wendie Holbrook

(Chief Cat Herder)

Wendie comes from a strong administrative background with over 20 years of experience. During the last 6 years, she has run her own online business solutions company working with clients in the area of blogging, social media, small business consulting, graphics design, website management, and executive administrative services.

Tammie Neumiller

(The Internet Whisperer)

The internet is home for Tammie. Working with websites and finding unique solutions since 1999, she has seen so many changes in the online world. She started out as a VA pioneer before the term was even a blip on the screen. Over the past 2+ decades she has been building, learning, testing, and challenging the way people present themselves online.

Catherine - Premium Services - Get You Visible

Catherine Saykaly - Stevens


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