A Shopgirl's Tale

Sometimes You Need a Little Push Before You Can Leap

A Shopgirls Tale  - Get You Visible Publishing

At 30 years old Erika Leib’s personal hardships have stalled her into a mundane life of safety and security. Not that she spends much time thinking about it like that. She’s underemployed at a job that probably should appreciate her more but that is hardly uncommon. She’s got a halfway decent, sort of relationship with no pressure to make a larger commitment and a family who loves her. Plus she’s got Rachel- her best friend, confidant, the person who’s always been there for her and always will be.

It’s not where she thought she’d be but she’s content. That all changed, however, after her chance meeting with actor, Xavier James. Soon Erika begins to re-evaluate her own worth and must decide if she’s ready to rediscover the girl who once would leap without thinking or if she’s prepared to stay just another shopgirl.

Loaded with good food and fueled by the importance of good friendships, the book is like Sex and the City for a generation that could never afford the extravagance Carrie and Co. promised.