Transform That Shame

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with co-author, Belief Re-patterning®Practitioner, and Sacred Sexuality Coach, Vireo Karvonen about shame busting around taboo subjects like sexuality, suicide, and mental health. Vireo shares her personal story about her most powerful tool that helped her to transform the shame.

Beyond the Label

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with special guest and co-author Dr. Christina Bjorndal about how to regain your mental health, what four aspects of health she thinks are important to address in a patient’s overall health, how she supports the physical level of health when addressing mental health and what the steps are […]

I Choose to Rise Above

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with special guest Cindy Klamn-Conway as she shares her life growing up surrounded by addiction and dysfunction as well as life situations that resulted in PTSD and negative self-talk. Cindy shares about her journey to healing and overcoming her past. There is life after trauma.


Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with Cinnamon Cranston author and massage therapist whose life experiences at a young age forced her to survive and to search for a new way to live. Despite being successful in her own business, Cinnamon fought with alcoholism, and dealing with past hurts. Listen as she shares how […]

#him2: Supporting Boys to Men

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with Kimmy Krochak about the lack of support for men in terms of mental health and overall empowerment. Anger is the only emotion that the boys don’t cry culture allows men to feel. Every other vulnerable emotion – fear, sadness, joy, love is virtually off-limits to boys and […]

From Battlefield to Home

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with Lisa and Mike Adams as they share both their individual stories and family stories as they relate to the impact of PTSD, and how their family was able to come to better understand PTSD. Get to Know Lisa Adams:  Lisa is a Life Coach, fitness trainer, and […]

A Whole Human Approach

Join host Oliva Kachman as she is interviewed by special guest Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron who asks Olivia to share her own reasons for starting the book From Shadows to Light, and as Olivia shares a little of her own story as it relates to her journey with mental health. Get to Know Olivia Kachman… Olivia […]

Success, No Less

Stories Disrupted - Success, No Less - Get You Visible Podcasting

Host: Heather Andrews
Guest: Veronique Dewilde

Join host Heather Andrews as she talks to Veronique Dewilde about her story, how her journey was disrupted, and how she was able to get back on track to being a success despite some of the challenges she faced.

Ignite, Inspire, Impact

The Heather Andrews Show - Ignite, Inspire, Impact - Get You Visible Podcasting

Host: Heather Andrews
Guest: Nicole Hoye

Educator and author Nicole Hoye joins host Heather Andrews to talk about her journey to regaining her flair for teaching, how she aligned her passion and purpose to create influence, and how publishing a children’s book has provided a platform to help ignite, inspire, and impact teachers.

The Power of Innocence

Power of Innocence - Get You Visible Podcasting

Host: Nadine Hatzitolios McGill
Guest: Mason & Makayla Van der Kooij

Join host Nadine Hatzitolios McGill as she talks with Mason and Makayla Van der Kooij, young entrepreneurs, about self-esteem, responsibility, dedication, open-mindedness, and being community-oriented. She also shares about how age is not a barrier to accomplishing your goals.