Fight Cancer - Second Edition

Hope, Courage and Resilience between Cancer and Recovery

Fight Cancer is a true narrative of how morbid cancer has dominated my life in a pervasive manner from changing my vocabulary to almost daily treatment visits. Every cancer narrative hums of inspiring tales of being courageous with anecdotal capture of pain, suffering, endurance, courage, hope and fight because that is a true depiction of a cancer patient’s life. How can any story be different? Fear of cancer is linked to mortality and a wake-up call for being on borrowed time. The outstanding group of focused and disciplined stakeholders come equipped with kindness, compassion, programs, services, new treatments and therapies, but they cannot make it go away. My family history has been at war against an aggressive cancer and I have lost several cousins, aunts, uncles including my mother 50 years ago and sister 25 years ago after a fight with this demonic disease…… I ask, are we any further ahead to 50 years ago? I hope this short read will create an awareness and resonate with you. I am a private person publicly sharing my journey in the hope that I can inspire your fight. Medical insights are a task beyond my competence but this personal narrative details various processes, what I learnt, what you should know, how to cope and manage your situation, programs and services available and suggestions to strengthen your spirit.