Finding Serenity:

How Yoga and Positive Self-Talk Can Take you from 'Not-My-Day' to 'Namaste'

Finding Serenity - Get You Visible Publishing

Join Holly Valentine-McDonald as she takes a refreshing look at what lies beyond the mat, combining various types of yoga, breathwork, and Cognitive Behavioural psychology coping techniques to get you out of your negative headspace, and move you closer to a place of peaceful BE-ing—whatever your age or stage in life.

Valentine-McDonald’s work will help you deal with anxiety and past trauma by:

  • Increasing your awareness of triggers and how to avoid them
  • Enhancing your sense of calm in stressful situations
  • Accepting the past and moving forward in peace, love and forgiveness
  • Granting yourself permission to practice self-care
  • Altering the soundtrack in your head with positive self-talk and breathwork
  • Demonstrating yoga poses that will support your introspective journey