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What's Self-Love Got to Do with It?

What's Love Got To Do With It - Get You Visible Publishing

What’s self-love got to do with it?

The answer is–well, everything! The love and worth you have for yourself sets the foundation for the types of relationships you have. What you believe, is what will be achievable in your life.

Your self-love and worth will help you to hold yourself accountable in your life, business, and career.

Too often in society, we hear each other say:

I am not good enough to dream bigger.

I am not worthy the life I truly desire.

If I do this, what will others think?

These statements are borne out of fear and our lack of self-worth.

They affect our actions, our earnings, who we love, and how we model the way for younger generations.

Read how 14 women learned to love themselves, how they set themselves free, so they could dream bigger and be a better human for themselves and for others. Learn how they created better revenue streams after hitting rock hit bottom so they could rebuild their lives and help serve others.

What’s Self-Love Got To Do With It will show you:

  • How to rid yourself of the idea that perfection exists.
  • How to look internally for self-love versus searching for external cues.
  • How to believe you are as important as everyone else in your life.
  • How to believe that you have a unique value that impacts the world.
  • How to reframe and reset your unconscious and conscious beliefs around self-worth.

Each chapter is followed by lessons from the author, mindset tips to help you grow, and space for journaling your thoughts.

You are not alone here. Join us on the discovery to loving yourself.