How a Gorilla, Orphan, and Monk Saved My Life

Learning Life Lessons through Travel and Reflection

How a Gorilla, Orphan, and Monk Saved My Life - Get You Visible Publishing

Marni chose adventure. She camped in the midst of wild animals, climbed formidable mountains, volunteered with unconventional projects, and immersed herself in adventures throughout Africa and Southeast Asia. This is a delectable story of exotic experiences rooted in fearless wandering, peppered with cultural and historical insights, and seasoned with inspiration.

This heartwarming yet riveting narrative unveils the transformative power of travel to stimulate personal growth and discovery while managing the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable. It illuminates the necessity of maintaining humor and resilience while facing mental and physical challenges, sustaining joy while dealing with the profusely tragic, and embracing universal connections despite cultural divisions. You will be transported to far off lands and captivated by an emotional journey as Marni discovers five lessons that will inspire you to find your own path in life and perhaps even plan your own adventure.

How a Gorilla, Orphan, and Monk Saved My Life is a must-read for anyone wanting to travel the world, dealing with change, grief, or loss, or searching for the best version of themselves.