The Jam in My Sandwich

The Jam In My Sandwich - Get You Visible Publishing

What does harmony mean to you? We live in a sandwich society. Think of the bread as your life; the constantly evolving obligations and stressors of your environment: the economy, your loved ones, your family, your job, your health. Then, there’s the filling in the middle of your sandwich. This is where life happens. This […]

Write Now – The Writing Course

Write Now - Courses - Get You Visible

Where: Online

No matter where you’re from, or who you are, we can help you get your story out!

Learn what to do from start to finish, and get your story ready for the world!

Roam Free

Roam Free - Get You Visible Publishing

What would you do if, at the pinnacle of a career you adored, you were laid off? When up-and-coming travel blogger, Charlotte Tweed, was flung into the no-woman’s-land of debt and unemployment – she didn’t hide under the covers. She reinvented her life through travel! Roam Free is a deeply personal and often hilarious travel […]

Success, No Less

Stories Disrupted - Success, No Less - Get You Visible Podcasting

Host: Heather Andrews
Guest: Veronique Dewilde

Join host Heather Andrews as she talks to Veronique Dewilde about her story, how her journey was disrupted, and how she was able to get back on track to being a success despite some of the challenges she faced.

Ignite, Inspire, Impact

The Heather Andrews Show - Ignite, Inspire, Impact - Get You Visible Podcasting

Host: Heather Andrews
Guest: Nicole Hoye

Educator and author Nicole Hoye joins host Heather Andrews to talk about her journey to regaining her flair for teaching, how she aligned her passion and purpose to create influence, and how publishing a children’s book has provided a platform to help ignite, inspire, and impact teachers.

Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity - Get You Visible Publishing

Join Holly Valentine-McDonald as she takes a refreshing look at what lies beyond the mat, combining various types of yoga, breathwork, and Cognitive Behavioural psychology coping techniques to get you out of your negative headspace, and move you closer to a place of peaceful BE-ing—whatever your age or stage in life. Valentine-McDonald’s work will help you […]

The Power of Innocence

Power of Innocence - Get You Visible Podcasting

Host: Nadine Hatzitolios McGill
Guest: Mason & Makayla Van der Kooij

Join host Nadine Hatzitolios McGill as she talks with Mason and Makayla Van der Kooij, young entrepreneurs, about self-esteem, responsibility, dedication, open-mindedness, and being community-oriented. She also shares about how age is not a barrier to accomplishing your goals.

Elements of Individuality

Elements of Individuality - Get You Visible Podcasting

Host: Nadine Hatzitolios McGill

Host Nadine Hatzitolios McGill reminds listeners that the fact that someone loves you does not rescue you from the project of loving yourself and that finding yourself is actually returning to yourself. For those who have been following along, Nadine asks you to look inside and acknowledge what you have found to be a passion of yours, and how has your self-esteem increased during this series.

Miss Claire Has Lost Her Flair

Miss Clair Has Lost Her Flair - Get You Visible Publishing

Miss Claire is a teacher who delights and inspires her students with dazzling pizazz and a huge heaping of love. Her classroom is a rainbow-colored world, full of music, laughter and ideas. Until one day, it wasn’t: for Miss Claire mysteriously loses her flair. In this vibrant rhyming story, discover why Miss Claire suddenly goes […]

Dust Yourself Off, My Dear: Nine Lessons for Living Your Best Life

Dust Yourself Off My Dear - Get You Visible Publishing

Are you tired of having to be a “strong” woman? Do you wish you didn’t need to have everything figured out all of the time? Are you sick of being all things to all people? Are you exhausted from trying to meet everyone’s expectations, including your own? The good news is that you don’t have to do […]